meet rob nguyen of healing under the tree

Today we’d like to introduce you to Rob Nguyen.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I grew up in the presence of Spirit at a young age. Every time I think of my childhood, I remember signs of the Light constantly guiding me through with curiosity. My afternoons were oftentimes spent cleaning the altar of my ancestors. Some days, offering food and incense to my favorite homegirl, Quan Yin. On special family gatherings, my grandma would read my palms and tell me about the beautiful lines that made me, uniquely, Me.

I see now that the reverence of childhood innocence is what makes the simplicity of life so magical. Collecting ladybugs and roly polys. Saving fallen birds from trees. Getting stung by bees and wondering why my arm just doubled in size. As time flowed by, illusions began to bury these sweet parts with the expectations and pressures of my beloved immigrant parents. It’s no joke that every Vietnamese parent wants you to become a pharmacist. So, to honor them, I tried to be.

But, it only took two weeks to drop out of my major in biochemistry at UCSD to pursue art history and communications instead. Eventually, I ended up working for over two years as a fashion photo shoot producer in NYC. When the glamour and purpose grew dim, I left Manhattan for a self-love pilgrimage throughout Asia. This was where I finally came home to myself. When arriving back to the States, I worked as a humble florist after a draining and fear-inducing corporate experience.

Fast forward to today, I guess I did become some sort of dispenser for healing? A savasana dealer, for one. The flower essence hooks up, for two. And lastly, a facilitator for some dope self-realization. In actuality, I am currently servicing the world as a healing arts practitioner, specializing in yoga, reiki, sound, and herbalism. This year has revolved around leading certification training, deep emotional healing with clients, developing yoga programs for the students, and aligning myself back to the childhood wonder that the Earth and the Divine have to offer.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
If fainting in the streets of NYC is a smooth road, then maybe? However, landing on the sidewalk with my face first was what I needed to realize that I had to leave Manhattan behind. After many signs of anxiety, depression, and poor physical health, it was Spirit’s last gesture to wake me up from a world I knew I didn’t belong in. My fall from corporate grace, lead me to the actual Grace that infinitely gifts kindness to myself and others. This awakening illuminated the path to the art of yoga, which I studied in Bali to unbury the joy and self-compassion within.

Even though the path of a teacher and facilitator was shining, I still needed time to forgive and re-build my Self-worth. It took over two years after leaving NYC, to fully step into my power as the practitioner I am today. In those two years, I hopped around various jobs, parties, and relationships, but also finished my yoga teacher and Reiki training. When I finally lost my job as a florist, the Universe pushed me (again) to become a full-time yoga teacher, and later a practitioner in healing arts.

I finally arrive today in a sustainable atmosphere, constantly moving through the ebbs and flow of what humanity has to offer. I currently offer public yoga classes all throughout San Diego but also intimate, outdoor healing sessions in my garden sanctuary — Healing Under the Tree. My obstacles have taught me that in order to acquire levels of self-mastery and mastery in other subjects, we must commit to a journey of lifelong learning. I am currently healing inner child wounds and patterns, practicing not taking things personally, and being compassionate towards myself and others.

Healing Under the Tree – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I recently opened up an offering called, Healing Under the Tree. Its a 90 minute hang out in my home garden where we unravel back to grace, softness, and realization. The offering includes a 60-minute reiki (energy therapy) session with a tea ceremony afterwards to inquire what wisdom arrived during our time together. During the session, I invite curated flower essences (herbal medicine), sound healing via harps and chimes, intuitive readings, and nature therapy to ground our bodies back into innocence.

My intention was to open an environment that would express playfulness and magic in the art of living. I wanted this offering to bring us back to Nature and to see our true selves fully embraced in our own gifts. Reiki uniquely connects an infinite flow of Source energy from practitioner to receiver, thus allowing myself and clients to pour into each other with intuition and knowledge. When we consume a flower essence, it’s as if we are consuming the spirit of the plant. Each flower essence is attuned to balance the natural rhythms of our emotional body, mental formations, and overall human experiences.

I am happy to say that this offering has become quite an outer-dimensional experience and a casual encounter with the Divine. If you’re looking for an ethereal, fairy-like space to receive love, you’ll have to come over sometime.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I am proud of my service to the world every day, knowing that it is rooted in birthing the Light from the shadows.

I find myself in deep moments of appreciation for myself when I dive deeply into the dark, sometimes even demonic realms with my clients. I feel like a super-hero when I clear these intense entities for others to experience a profound catharsis. These moments have inspired me to specialize in sexual abuse, inner child healing, womb clearing, ancestral healing, and past life regression.

how to create a spiritual contract

Let this be an introduction to how you may express yourself in the language of light. Just like the sound of OM, a vibration of eternal acceptance and creation, other sounds and words hold a great power of manifestation. The word may resonate across different planes, creating these mini-responses from your emotional landscapes to your ethereal thoughts.

As humans, we hold such a repertoire of emotional potential. This potential is what makes human existence so fascinating, as we explore the spectrums of suffering and bliss. Sometimes, the sufferings begin to pile on so much that it begins to loop in a samskara, disallowing us to find an exit strategy for peace and ease.

In order to release, the spiritual contract we will be creating in this exercise is directly focused on the sufferings we may have in accordance to our relationships: with partners, family, ancestors, past lives, inner child, and the Self.

Below, I’ll be providing you a template where you may begin to fill in your impeccable words. Let this be clear that all we experience are catalysts for our pure awareness to foster. With this, the exercise becomes more of a tool to practice contentment rather than dismissing a situation. When you have finished your handwritten document, read it aloud and burn it. Happy spell writing!

(Insert Full Name Here)’s Agreement to Release

I, (insert name here), call upon my relationship with (choose a party or multiple), in order to let go of suffering and shadow that no longer serves me. I release with the knowledge that I have gained from my observances thus far and command to move forward with the help of my Highest Self, the light, and my guides.

(In this section, it is up to you to draft the traumas that you currently hold within your physical or energetic body. Some common examples include childhood traumas with a parent, physical pain or sickness passed down from generation to generation, or trying to let go of a past lover. I’ll provide an example below in the lens of releasing from a past partner’s hold.

I release from the chords that I hold with (Insert name here) and the traumas connected to this relationship:

  • my fear of feeling abandoned and betrayed

  • my grief of not being able to trust others

  • my insecurities regarding self worth

  • my anger of feeling disrespected

I acknowledge this contract with the intention of commanding my own personal power, peace, and divinity to arrive back in the frequency of love. I have fully observed my shadows and I am ready to unravel back to my truest Self.

(Insert Signature and date)